i-heli new gadget for Iphone and Ipad lovers UK Channelgoods

Posted on June 25, 2011

Yes, it's here


This gadget is here to amaze and make all your Iphone, Ipad lovers crazy.

Exquisite outlook and quality build!
nControlled by iPhone (iPhone not included)
nMetal fuselage and structure are super durable
nBuilt-in gyro offers the helicopter a nimble and stable flight

Iphone/iPod/iPad/iTouch control helicopter includes 3.5-Channel Gyroscopes System.
nI-helicopter functions: up, down, forward, backward, left/right, with control light
nStable flight makes this heli easy to control

i-Helicopter comes in 3 colors: Black, Silver, White


* High Compatibility
n* Support legacy IR System
n* Compact Size
n* Just fit into your iPhone/iPod
n* Low power consumption
n* Flexibility in Multiple-OSu00a0(iOS, Android, Windows Mobile,etc,.)

IPhone / iPod / iPad / iTouch controller for i-helicopter

I-helicopter operation steps:
n1. Find u201dAPP STOREu201d on the desktop of your Iphone/iPod/iPad/iTouch
n2. Click it and enter and search u201ci-helicopter"
n3. Download and install the software
n4. Enter controller interface
n5. Charge the transmitter
n6. Insert the transmitter to iphoneu2019s earplug
n7. Turn the volume up full blast
n8. Start the game of i-helicopter! (Free charge)
Package contents:
1 x 3-Channel RC Mini Metal Helicopter
1 x USB Charger Cable
1 x controller interface
Available now at ChannelGoods