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Posted on December 24, 2010
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As ice and snow sweep over much of England, Scotland, and Wales, bringing the holiday season onslaught of travel to a standstill, many families have experienced a particularly bitter winter chill. The Daily Mail reports that the extreme weather conditions afflicting much of the UK has led to a backlog of over four million parcels - many of them holiday gifts - languishing in the warehouses of private couriers over the holiday season, while big-box retailers have already begun canceling deliveries altogether in parts of Scotland and the Northeast. As air travel, rail systems, and even motorways all grind to a halt, many families are left worrying whether their Christmas presents will make it under the tree in time, if at all.

But while many shipping companies are throwing up their hands in despair, leaving presents undelivered on warehouse shelves, one company is taking a more pro-active approach in a dynamic, take-no-prisoners quest to ensure that as many products as possible make it into the hands of buyers on Christmas morning. Channel Goods, an electronics company based in the Jersey Islands, has hired numerous seasonal staff members to deal with the in-climate weather, adopting a number of strategies to ensure a hands-on approach to deliver. The staff at Channel Goods is choosing to expedite shipping free of charge where possible in order to maximize the speed of delivery, adding complimentary items to delayed orders, and ensuring that all orders are meticulously tracked in order to provide customers with detailed information about their purchases. While other companies have been leaving clients on hold or forcing them to jump through the hoops and intricacies of automated telephone messages, Channel Goods is responding pro-actively, calling clients directly to update them with details of their purchases.

But perhaps the most drastic step Channel Goods has taken is shutting down its Amazon portal, closing off the company to new orders at the busiest time of year in order to focus its efforts on clients with parcels already in the post. By sacrificing this massive source of potential revenue, Channel Goods is able to concentrate on communicating with clients and couriers alike, working to ensure delivery of as many packages as possible by Christmas Eve. Working with professional fulfillment company Offshore Fulfillment Limited, also based in the Jersey Islands, Channel Goods may not have twelve reindeer and a sleigh to ensure timely delivery, but in this extreme weather they might just be the next best thing.

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