Cebit 2010 will update you live from the show in Germany.

Posted on February 25, 2010

As CeBit presents a new vision of the world's digital future, the options for a new dimension of technology seem limitless. The 21st century answer to the World Fairs of old, CeBit represents innovation, cutting-edge technology, and a combination of visions for the future and real-life practical promises. One particularly notable development on the CeBIT 2010 from this year comes from MSI, a Taiwanese technology company, which has announced the world's first 3D PC. The 24-inch touchscreen, which will be HD, brings the 3D look - made so popular in the recent film Avatar - to the individual consumer - particularly relevant to the production of DVs. In addition, MSI is showcasing the GT660, which is a high-end notebook designed for the expert gamer - 12GB of RAM, three RAM slots, and an Intel Core i& quad-core-processor.

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Tara Isabella Burton (Director of Media relations)