Nintendo DS DS Lite Repairs U.K. It's broken..Don't worry is here

Posted on January 19, 2010

Aside from offering the latest gaming consoles, gadgets, and accessories u2013 the best part of Channel Goods is the D.I.Y Repair. Each item ordered for repair or modification of a game console will come with .PDF instructions detailing step by step how-tou2019s for modifying and repairs plus cool repair videos. Channel Goods offers live support and video tutorials. Repair kits allow gamers to extend the life of their gaming unit without having to upgrade, which is important in economic downturns. No longer will game consoles need to be sent off for weeks to be repaired or discarded.

nu201cChannel Goods has seen a massive increase amongst gamers who want to prolong the life of their gaming gadgets. Not only does Channel Goods offer affordable repair kits, but we also offer modification kits for gamers who want to upgrade instead of purchasing new units.u201d Mattias Brunetti, V.P of Marketing.

We also have live Skype support as well.

For all your game repair needs visit us today.